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Beauty of Flowers – Anemone (29.09.2010)

The Čtyřlístek Comics – Myšpulín (20.10.2010)

  • Myšpulín a Cat Scientist, creates a chemical reaction setting off a firework of flowers coming out of the heated flask.
  • A stamp identified with the letter A corresponding to the price of Ordinary Letter – Standard up to 50 g in domestic service (current price according to the Price List of Basic Postal Services: CZK 13).

The Čtyřlístek Comics – Fifinka (28.04.2010)

  • Fifinka the Missy Dog is the only ‘girl’ of the four characters of the cult comics series Čtyřlístek (Four-Leaf Clover in English)
  • Fifinka is reading a cookbook, with a cup of white coffee and a cake on the table before her.

“XIV. valný sněm Junáka”
“XIV. Makes little rump Scout” (in English), showing renaissance castle in Litomyšl and the Cub Scout sign the occasion of the XIV. General Assembly Scout.

Thank You Ivan Loew for this nice cover.


Klodzko Region

Park Muzakowski – Muskauer Park (12.07.2012)

  • A fragment of the Park and the Polish National Colors(Right Side) – German National Colors (Left Side)

Polish Cities – Katowice (05.10.2005)

  • Silesian Theatre

300th Anniversary of the town Suwalki (30.03.2012)

  • Town Hall in Suwalki

“Let you know the beauty of Klodzko-Region”
On this postmark there is shown the Old Town of Klodzko with Town Hall, when we are looking from the Fortress Hill towards the town.

Thank You Roman Sudzik for this nice cover.


Sochi Games

100 Anniversary of Lodz Sports Club (30.09.2008)

XXII Olympic Winter Games “Sochi 2014” (07.02.2014)

  • The Art of Printing : Offset + Dry Embossing

World Championships in Athletics in Helsinki 2005 (05.08.2005)

  • Pole Vault

Katowice 1 – 60 years of the program “From the microphone to the fields.” Red. Roman Paszkowski. Polish Radio Katowice

Thank You Roman Sudzik for this nice cover.


sochi olympic games 2014

Folk Architecture (19.12.2012)

XXII Olympic Winter Games “Sochi 2014” (05.02.2014)


Two postmarks commemorate medals won

  • Golden Medals of Martin Sablikova and Eva Samkova
  • Silver and Bronze Medals of the Czech Team

Thank You Dr. Radim for this nice cover.