Monthly Archive: September 2014


Indonesia - Flora and Fauna

Ducks (01.12.1998)

  • Belibis Kembang

Flora and Fauna (05.11.2012)

Thank You Irene Chen for this nice cover.


Couch by Lajos Kozma

Couch by Lajos Kozma (09.10.2001)

Béni Egressy (1814~1851) (09.05.2014)

Thank You Dezsi Zoltan for this nice cover.


National Musical Instruments - Switzerland

International Year of Crystallography (06.03.2014)

The 100th Anniversary of the Swiss Air Force (06.03.2014)

  • F/A-18 Hornet

EUROPA Stamps – National Musical Instruments (08.05.2014)

  • Hammered Dulcimer
  • Alpenhorn

Thank You M. Bernard Rouly for this nice cover.

#49 – ITALY

Archimedean Year

Tourism – SEPINO (23.07.2011)

Archimedean Year (19.10.2013)

Centenary Ideation Boat Sailing Dinghy 12′ (22.05.2013)

Thank You Dino Schiesari for this nice cover.

#47 – NORWAY

Winter Olympics Norway

Winter Olympics: Sochi 2014 (07.02.2014)

  • Marit Bjoergen
  • Tora Berger

Thank You Finn Oyvind Mydland for this nice cover.


Fehmarn bridge

50 years Fehmarnsundbrücke (04.04.2013)

  • Fehmarn bridge was declared a National Monument in 1999. The 963-meter-long network arch bridge has a width of 21 meters. The clear height measures 23 meters above mean water, boat traffic is a passage of 240 meters width available.

Thank You Christiane Bogacki for this nice cover.



Country Motifs (22.03.1995)

The Čtyřlístek Comics – Pinďa (09.02.2011)

  • The “Čtyřlístek – Piňda” stamp features Piňda the Rabbit as a painter with brushes in his hand and a box of water paints. Piňda is the next character of the comic book Čtyřlístek appearing on a stamp.

Flower:Pansy (01.09.2002)

Thank You Milan Stanisic for this nice cover.