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Country Motifs (22.03.1995)

The Čtyřlístek Comics – Pinďa (09.02.2011)

  • The “Čtyřlístek – Piňda” stamp features Piňda the Rabbit as a painter with brushes in his hand and a box of water paints. Piňda is the next character of the comic book Čtyřlístek appearing on a stamp.

Flower:Pansy (01.09.2002)

Thank You Milan Stanisic for this nice cover.


Castle Cervena Lhota

Beauties Of Our Country: Červená Lhota Chateau (26.03.2014)

  • Červená Lhota is a Renaissance water chateau in the eastern part of South Bohemia in the north of Jindřichův Hradec region. The chateau is located on a rock which became an island in the chateau pond after the damming of the valley and the increase in the water level. The chateau consists of an enclosed four-wing layout around a square courtyard. Above the entrance there is a tower. An access road leads to the chateau across a stone bridge.

Ju and Hele (28.05.2014)

  • The sitting puppets Jů and Hele and the flying puppet Muf in the background

Thank You Vlastimil Olesovsky for this nice cover.



Beauty of Flowers – Anemone (29.09.2010)

The Čtyřlístek Comics – Myšpulín (20.10.2010)

  • Myšpulín a Cat Scientist, creates a chemical reaction setting off a firework of flowers coming out of the heated flask.
  • A stamp identified with the letter A corresponding to the price of Ordinary Letter – Standard up to 50 g in domestic service (current price according to the Price List of Basic Postal Services: CZK 13).

The Čtyřlístek Comics – Fifinka (28.04.2010)

  • Fifinka the Missy Dog is the only ‘girl’ of the four characters of the cult comics series Čtyřlístek (Four-Leaf Clover in English)
  • Fifinka is reading a cookbook, with a cup of white coffee and a cake on the table before her.

“XIV. valný sněm Junáka”
“XIV. Makes little rump Scout” (in English), showing renaissance castle in Litomyšl and the Cub Scout sign the occasion of the XIV. General Assembly Scout.

Thank You Ivan Loew for this nice cover.